Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: phale

  phale—in the result    Bg 5.12, SB 8.9.28
  phale—as a result of    Adi 8.28
  phale—grew fruits    Adi 9.25
  phale—fruits    Adi 10.161
  phale—fruit grew    Adi 17.86
  phale—by the result    Madhya 15.38
  phale—brings results    Madhya 15.268
  phale—produces    Madhya 19.155
  phale—grows    Madhya 25.276
  phale—by the result of    Antya 9.69
  anuṣaṅga-phale—as a simultaneous result    Madhya 15.109
  bhakti-phale—by the result of devotional service    Madhya 20.141
  ha-ibe sa-phale—will be fruitful.    Antya 12.117
  janama sa-phale—My birth is now fulfilled    Adi 4.252
  karma-phale—in fruitive action    Bg 4.14
  koṭi-phale—millions of fruits    Madhya 15.172
  kriyā-phale—when the fruit of the action.    Madhya 24.26
  kṛṣṇa-prema-phale—fruits of love of Kṛṣṇa    Adi 12.6
  nimba-phale—on the bitter nimba fruit    Madhya 8.258
  nāmera phale—by the result of chanting the holy name    Antya 3.178
  nāmera phale—as a result of chanting the holy name    Antya 7.108
  pakva prema-phale—with ripened fruits of love of Godhead    Adi 11.58
  phale eta phala—so much of a result was obtained.    Antya 9.114
  phale-phule—in fruits and flowers    Adi 12.7
  phula-phale—with flowers and fruits    Adi 11.6
  prema-phale—by the fruit of love of Godhead    Adi 10.88
  puṇya-phale—as the fruit of pious activities    Madhya 7.47
  puṇya-puñja-phale—by the result of many pious activities    Madhya 21.132

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