Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: phala

  phala—fruits    SB 1.11.14, SB 4.6.28, SB 4.23.5, SB 5.9.15, SB 6.18.57, Adi 9.34, Adi 9.37, Adi 9.38, Adi 9.39, Adi 17.29 (and more...)
  phala—result    Bg 12.11, Bg 18.11, Adi 7.86, Madhya 20.140, Madhya 20.343, Antya 3.180, Antya 5.49-50, Antya 7.108, Antya 8.99, Antya 8.100 (and more...)
  phala—fruit    SB 1.11.15, Adi 4.154, Adi 9.25, Adi 9.44, Adi 9.48, Adi 9.53, Adi 10.78-79, Adi 17.85, Madhya 15.76, Antya 6.226
  phala—the result    Madhya 3.97, Madhya 6.263, Madhya 6.264-265, Madhya 20.142, Madhya 24.62, Antya 3.145, Antya 5.49-50, Antya 6.275, Antya 16.138
  phala—the fruits    Adi 17.86, Madhya 15.83, Antya 1.130
  phala—of fruits    SB 5.17.13, SB 5.24.10
  phala—of the results    SB 6.3.4, SB 8.17.17
  phala—of results    Bg 18.2
  phala—in fruits    SB 3.21.40
  phala—and fruits    SB 8.2.9-13
  phala—by fruits    SB 8.21.6-7
  phala—fruits from the forest    SB 10.12.4
  phala—of the fruit    Adi 10.7
  phala—the fruits of the banana tree    Adi 10.68
  phala—fruit.    Adi 17.83
  phala—punishment.    Adi 17.195
  phala—of reactions    Madhya 15.170
  phala—the desired result.    Madhya 22.18
  phala—any result    Madhya 24.92
  phala—results    Antya 3.178
  phala—the result of insulting a Vaisnava    Antya 3.212
  sa-phala—successful.    Adi 4.115, Adi 16.108, Madhya 1.200, Madhya 1.202, Madhya 2.53, Madhya 8.33, Madhya 14.16, Madhya 15.228, Antya 5.133, Antya 12.30 (and more...)
  prema-phala—the fruit of love of Godhead    Adi 9.27, Adi 9.36, Adi 9.48, Adi 9.54, Adi 10.88
  sa-phala—fruitful    Adi 4.113, Adi 4.113, Madhya 8.189, Madhya 10.18
  phala-mula—fruits and roots    SB 5.8.12, Madhya 3.81, Madhya 9.183
  phala-puspa—fruits and flowers    SB 6.1.58-60, SB 8.15.12
  phula-phala—fruits and flowers    Adi 12.66, Antya 18.102
  prema-phala—this fruit of love of God    Adi 9.49, Madhya 19.162
  prema-phala—fruit of love of Godhead    Adi 9.51, Adi 12.6
  puspa-phala-adhyah—filled with luxuriant fruits and flowers    Madhya 8.276, Madhya 24.208
  amrta-phala—the fruit of nectar    Madhya 25.276
  bhakti-phala—the result of devotional service to Krsna    Madhya 22.49
  bhakti-phala—the result of practice of devotional service    Madhya 23.3
  caitanya-krpa-phala—the result of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's mercy.    Antya 13.135
  dekhi amra-phala—seeing the mangoes    Antya 16.33
  dui phala—two flowers    Madhya 15.128-129
  ei phala—this result    Madhya 3.165
  ei phala—these results    Antya 9.135
  eka phala—one fruit    Madhya 15.173
  gunja-phala-maya—some gunja-phala.    Madhya 14.204
  janma-karma-phala-pradam—resulting in fruitive action, good birth, etc.    Bg 2.42-43
  kanda-mula-phala-upaharaih—by offerings of roots, bulbs and fruits    SB 5.7.11
  karaka-phala-pali—of pomegranate fruits    Antya 1.160
  karma-phala—in the result of the work    Bg 2.47
  karma-phala—results of activities    Bg 5.14
  karma-phala—to the fruit of the work    Bg 18.27
  karma-phala—the result of activities    SB 4.12.10
  karma-phala-tyagah—renunciation of the results of fruitive action    Bg 12.12
  karma-phala-asangam—attachment for fruitive results    Bg 4.20
  kusmanda-phala—a pumpkin    Antya 17.17
  laksa laksa phala—millions of fruits    Madhya 15.71
  mukhya-phala—chief result    Antya 9.137
  parama-phala—the supreme goal of life    Madhya 19.164
  patra-phala-phula—leaves, fruits and flowers    Madhya 14.207
  pilu-phala—pilu fruit    Antya 13.67
  phala bhangi—breaking the fruit    Madhya 15.76
  phala chunila—touched the fruit    Madhya 15.81
  phala dekhaila—showed the result.    Antya 20.128
  phala phele—throws away the fruits    Madhya 15.84
  phala padi—picking fruits    Antya 18.102
  phala rakhena—leaves the fruit    Madhya 15.75
  phala-arthi—as if He wanted some fruits    SB 10.11.10
  phala-bhuk—the enjoyer of the fruits    SB 6.19.12
  phala-bhandam—the basket of fruit    SB 10.11.11
  phala-bhagena—by promising a share of the nectar    SB 8.7.1
  phala-sloka—the verse mentioning the result    Antya 20.130
  phala-data—the giver of the fruit    Adi 9.54
  phala-grahah—gainers of the actual result.    SB 8.6.22-23
  phala-hetavah—those desiring fruitive action.    Bg 2.49
  phala-janakam—producing the results    Antya 3.60
  phala-karanam—the origin of the result    Antya 1.91
  phala-mula-patra—fruits, roots and leaves    Antya 14.48
  phala-mule—various kinds of fruits and roots    Madhya 3.46
  phala-mule—with roots and fruits    Madhya 17.62-63
  phala-patra—the pot of fruits    Madhya 15.80
  phala-udayah—the result.    SB 4.13.34
  phala-udayah—effective.    SB 7.14.30-33
  phala-udayat—by venting chastisement and its reaction    SB 7.15.20
  phala-udyana—garden    Adi 9.8
  phala-vikrayini—the aborigine fruit vendor, who was an elderly woman    SB 10.11.11
  phala-viparyayam—the opposite of the desired result    SB 6.16.59
  phala-vitarana—distribution of the fruits.    Adi 17.323
  phala-abhasa—a glimpse of the result    Antya 9.137
  phala-adibhih—by different kinds of vegetables and fruits    SB 4.8.55
  phala-adika—fruits and so on    Madhya 15.202
  phala-akanksi—desiring fruitive result    Bg 18.34
  phale eta phala—so much of a result was obtained.    Antya 9.114
  phula-phala bhari—loaded with fruits and flowers    Madhya 17.201
  phula-phala-patra-yukta—dressed with fruits, flowers and leaves    Madhya 14.32
  prema-phala—the fruit of love    Adi 9.26
  prema-phala—the fruit known as love of Godhead    Madhya 19.155
  prema-phala-rasa—the juice of the fruit of devotional service    Madhya 19.163
  puspa-phala vina—except for fruits and flowers    Madhya 14.222
  puspa-phala-bhare—because of the heavy burden of flowers and fruits    Antya 15.49
  pani-phala—a fruit produced in the water of rivers    Antya 18.105
  papa-phala—results of sinful reactions.    Madhya 15.168
  papa-phala—sinful reaction    Antya 19.52
  sa-phala—fulfilled    Adi 3.102
  sa-phala kariba—make successful.    Madhya 16.64
  saba phala—all the results of different processes    Madhya 24.92
  sarva-indriya-phala—the fulfillment of the activities of all the senses    Madhya 20.60
  sarva-phala-pradah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can give all kinds of fruit to everyone, had now become in need of fruits.    SB 10.11.10
  sei phala paya—one gets the same achievement.    Madhya 20.343
  sva-karma-phala-bhuk—sure to accept the resultant action of his fruitive activities    Antya 2.163
  sadhanera phala—the result of devotional service    Madhya 25.104
  tuccha-phala—insignificant result    Antya 3.186
  tara phala—the results of that.    Madhya 19.26
  vrndavanera phala—fruit from Vrndavana    Antya 13.74
  ajna-phala—the result of His order    Antya 4.235
  amra-phala—mango fruits    Antya 16.14

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