Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paurusah

  pauruṣaḥ—resultant activities    SB 2.10.3
  pauruṣaḥ—representative of the Personality of Godhead    SB 3.6.31
  pauruṣaḥ—divine potencies.    SB 3.11.27
  pauruṣaḥ—for any gentleman    SB 4.27.26
  pauruṣaḥ—his bodily strength    SB 4.28.15
  pauruṣaḥ—anything man-made.    SB 9.18.20-21
  kṛta-pauruṣāḥ—who are all able and competent    SB 8.9.7

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