Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: patitah

  patitah—fallen    SB 3.31.17, SB 3.31.24, SB 4.25.28, SB, SB 5.13.9, SB 6.2.45, SB 7.8.24, SB 10.11.25
  patitah—a fallen person    SB 5.25.11
  patitah—fallen down    SB 6.2.15
  patitah—almost fallen    SB 6.9.24
  patitah—falling down    SB 9.4.61
  patitah—fell down    SB 9.18.26
  patitah—fell    SB 6.9.29-30
  patitah—was thrown.    SB 7.1.17
  patitah—having fallen down    SB 9.7.5-6
  guna-visarga-patitah—fallen in a material body impelled by the modes of material nature    SB 6.9.35

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