Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: patita

  patita—fallen    SB 8.10.40, Madhya 1.191, Madhya 1.196, Madhya 15.264, Madhya 20.99
  patita—of those fallen    Madhya 1.81, Madhya 13.136
  patita—fallen down    SB 5.1.36
  patitā—fallen down    SB 4.28.49
  patitā—fell down    SB 10.7.24
  patita-pāvana—deliverer of the fallen    Adi 10.120, Madhya 1.191, Madhya 1.199
  patita ha-ile—when one has fallen    Madhya 15.264
  patita pāmare—very fallen and sinful.    Antya 16.20
  patita-aśru-mukhyāḥ—of the one who fell down with tears in the eyes    SB 1.15.10
  patita-pāvana—the deliverer of fallen souls.    Adi 5.54
  patita-pāvana—the savior of the fallen souls    Madhya 1.188
  patita-pāvana—savior of the fallen    Madhya 1.200
  patita-pāvana—the deliverer of all fallen souls.    Madhya 8.38
  patita-pāvana—deliverer of the fallen souls.    Madhya 20.62

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