Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pathah

  pathaḥ—way    SB 2.1.32
  pathaḥ—path    SB 2.3.12
  pathaḥ—ways    SB 3.7.30
  pathaḥ—the path    SB 3.9.11
  pathaḥ—whose path    Adi 3.111
  dhyāna-pathaḥ—in the path of my meditation    SB 1.9.24
  pāthaḥ-jani—with lotuses    Adi 2.2
  vaṇik-pathāḥ—traders    SB 8.11.25
  ātma-pathaḥ—path of self-realization    SB 3.24.37

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