Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pasyatam

  paśyatām—in the presence of    SB 8.9.27, SB 8.10.2
  paśyatām—of those who had seen    SB 4.4.28
  paśyatām—seeing    SB 4.5.25
  paśyatām—who were observing the fight    SB 4.10.14
  paśyatām—while they were looking on    SB 4.25.1
  paśyatām—were watching    SB 6.12.35
  paśyatām—looked on    SB 7.1.20
  jñātīnām paśyatām—while their relatives and soldiers were watching    SB 8.11.28
  paśyatām animeṣāṇām—while the demigods were looking on    SB 6.10.1

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