Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pasyatah

  paśyataḥ—while looking on    SB 3.18.8, SB 6.16.65
  paśyataḥ—for the introspective    Bg 2.69
  paśyataḥ—while he was seeing    SB 2.9.38
  paśyataḥ—was looking on    SB 4.9.26
  paśyataḥ—while Dhruva was looking on    SB 4.12.9
  paśyataḥ—were looking on    SB 7.10.38
  paśyataḥ—while seeing    SB 8.4.5
  paśyataḥ—persons always accustomed to seeing Him.    SB 9.4.25
  paśyataḥ—while he was watching    SB 10.13.46
  pāsyataḥ—when the King was about to drink    SB 9.21.10
  paśyataḥ lakṣmaṇasya—being seen by Lakṣmaṇa    SB 9.10.5
  paśyataḥ tasya—while he looked on    SB 6.2.23
  paśyataḥ te—while you were seeing    SB 8.21.31

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