Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pasum

  paśum—animal    SB 1.7.33
  paśum—the animals.    SB 4.6.46
  paśum—an animal    SB 4.20.26
  paśum—like animals.    SB 4.25.38
  paśum—Paśu    SB 6.18.1
  paśum—to use as the sacrificial animal    SB 9.7.20
  paśum—the sacrificial animal    SB 9.8.7
  paśum—prey animal    SB 9.9.33
  puruṣa-paśum—an animal in the shape of a man    SB 5.9.12
  puruṣa-paśum—the man-animal    SB 5.9.15
  sva-paśum—his animal    SB 4.19.17
  yajña-paśum—the animal meant to be sacrificed in the yajña    SB 4.19.11

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