Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pasanda

  pasanda—the atheists    Adi 3.73
  pasanda—atheist    Adi 5.177
  pasanda—atheist.    Adi 12.71
  pasanda—irreligion    Adi 17.210
  pasanda—atheism    Antya 3.60
  ajnana pasanda—the atheist of ignorance.    Antya 3.46
  parama-pasanda—without God consciousness.    Madhya 17.53
  pasanda-dalana—of trampling the atheists    Adi 3.76
  pasanda-dalana—subduing atheistic men    Antya 3.149
  pasanda-gana—of atheists creating disillusionment for innocent persons    SB 6.8.19
  pasanda-patha—the path of the faithless    SB 3.7.31
  pasanda-pradhana—chief of the atheists.    Antya 3.102

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