Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paramesthi

  parameṣṭhī—Lord Brahmā    SB 7.3.9-10, SB 10.13.61
  parameṣṭhī—Brahmā, the creator of the universe    SB 2.8.25
  parameṣṭhī—the highest personality in the universe    SB 3.10.9
  parameṣṭhī—Brahmā    SB 3.13.16
  parameṣṭhī—named Parameṣṭhī    SB 5.15.3
  parameṣṭhī—the Supreme Lord    SB 7.3.31
  parameṣṭhi—the supreme entity (Brahmā)    SB 2.1.30
  parameṣṭhi—Lord Brahmā    Adi 3.66
  parameṣṭhi-dhiṣṇye—on the royal throne    SB 3.2.22

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