Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paraila

  parāila—put    Madhya 11.210, Madhya 15.255
  parāila—He put it on    Adi 4.40
  parāila—were put on    Madhya 4.63
  parāila—set    Madhya 5.132
  parāila—offered    Madhya 11.78
  parāila—decorated    Madhya 13.29
  parāila—put.    Madhya 15.28
  parāila—He put on    Madhya 16.202
  parāila—put on.    Madhya 19.86
  parāilā—decorated Them with    Antya 6.120
  parāilā—put on    Antya 11.89
  dui-jane parāila—placed on the necks of two personalities    Madhya 16.39
  mālā parāila—offered a garland.    Madhya 17.160
  neta-dhaṭī parāilā—decorated with the silken cloth.    Antya 9.133
  sabāre parāilā—offered to everyone.    Madhya 16.42
  tāre parāila—put on him    Antya 9.107

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