Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: papah

  papah—the most sinful    SB 4.21.46, SB 10.4.17
  papah—sinful    SB 7.1.18, SB 10.1.35
  papah—sinful persons    Madhya 24.179, Madhya 24.209
  papah—the sinner    SB 1.7.39
  papah—representative of sin    SB 4.14.31
  papah—being sinful    SB 6.1.65
  papah—all sins personified    SB 6.2.34
  papah—personified sin    SB 6.9.18
  papah—the sinful activity    SB 6.13.17
  papah—although sinful (getting the body of a demon)    SB 6.14.6
  papah—the sinful Hiranyakasipu    SB 7.7.3
  papah—most sinful    SB 7.10.26
  papah—a most sinful person    SB 9.8.9-10
  papah—extremely sinful    SB 10.3.29
  papah—sinners    Bg 3.13
  papah—sins    Bg 9.20
  papah—addicted to sinful acts    SB 2.4.18
  papah—sinful beings    SB 3.20.26
  vidhuta-papah—being cleansed of all sinful reactions.    SB 6.13.21

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