Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: panam

  panam—drinking    SB 1.17.38, SB 3.26.40
  panam—the prize    SB 4.28.29
  panam—beverages    SB 3.23.29
  akhila-loka-panam—all rulers of the entire universe    SB 3.1.45
  ayah-panam—Ayahpana    SB 5.26.7
  dhisnya-panam—of the chiefs of different states or planets    SB 7.9.23
  dvara-panam—keeping watch at the door    SB 1.18.33
  ratha-yutha-panam—all the charioteers    SB 1.15.15
  traivista-panam—of the demigods    SB 1.11.8
  yutha-panam—of the leaders of both hosts    SB 2.7.13

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