Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pan

  pan—I could get    Adi 10.20
  pan—get    Madhya 1.204
  pan—I shall get    Madhya 2.15
  pan—I can get    Madhya 2.62
  pan—I get    Madhya 3.125
  ditija-anika-pan—the soldiers of the demons    SB 8.21.15
  kanu pan—I can get Krsna    Madhya 3.125
  soma-pan—demigods    SB 4.7.56
  varsa-pan—the masters of the varsas    SB 5.20.20
  vatsa-pan—and the cowherd boys taking care of the calves    SB 10.13.15
  vayasya-vatsa-pan—the cowherd boys and the calves    SB 10.12.1

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