Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: palanam

  pālānām—of the rulers    SB 1.18.33
  loka-pālānām—of the administrative demigods    SB 1.11.26
  loka-pālānām—of the governing deities of the planets, the demigods    SB 2.6.6
  loka-pālānām—of the governors of the universe    SB 4.2.10
  loka-pālānām—of many kings    SB 4.13.23
  loka-pālānām—of all the demigods    SB 4.16.5
  loka-pālānām—the governing heads of all planets    SB 4.22.54
  loka-pālānām—of the governors of the planets    SB 5.16.29
  loka-pālānām—of the directors of planetary systems    SB 5.20.30
  loka-pālānām—who are entrusted with looking after the universal affairs    SB 5.20.40
  loka-pālānām—the predominating deities of all planets    SB 7.3.37-38
  loka-pālānām—of the demigods who manage the universal affairs    SB 7.4.5-7
  loka-pālānām—of the other demigods in charge of different departments of natural activity    SB 7.4.18
  loka-pālānām—of the predominating persons in all planets    SB 8.23.20-21
  prajā-pālanam—ruling over the general mass of people    SB 4.20.14

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