Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: palaih

  pālaiḥ—by the masters    Adi 5.141, Madhya 20.306
  cira-loka-pālaiḥ—by the eternal maintainers of the order of creation    SB 3.2.21
  cira-loka-pālaiḥ—by the predominating deities of different planets    Madhya 21.33
  loka-pālaiḥ—by great personalities    SB 4.8.69
  loka-pālaiḥ—by the predominating chiefs of all different planets    SB 4.19.4
  loka-pālaiḥ—by great demigods    SB 6.14.25
  loka-pālaiḥ—by the leaders of various planets    SB 8.23.2
  loka-pālaiḥ—with the chiefs of all other planets    SB 8.23.24
  sa-pālaiḥ—with the governors    SB 2.8.11

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