Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paiye

  pāiye—I get    Madhya 9.118, Antya 4.56, Antya 9.95
  pāiye—I can get    Adi 17.311, Antya 4.55
  pāiye—we can get    Madhya 8.309, Antya 4.223
  pāiye—one gets    Madhya 9.128, Madhya 9.137
  pāiye—we get    Antya 4.224, Antya 4.229
  pāiye—we shall get.    Madhya 18.145
  pāiye—appearing    Madhya 19.188
  pāiye—I get.    Antya 4.10
  pāiye—you will get.    Antya 4.142
  gaṅgā-snāna pāiye—we can take bath in the Ganges.    Madhya 18.150
  nā pāiye—one does not get    Madhya 8.226
  nā pāiye—I cannot attain    Antya 4.57
  pāiye pāra—one can understand up to the extreme limit.    Antya 4.221
  pāiye sakala—we can understand all.    Antya 4.225
  tora yadi lāg pāiye—if I get the opportunity to meet you    Antya 19.46

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