Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pailun

  pāiluṅ—I have gotten    Madhya 3.27, Madhya 8.31, Madhya 9.216, Antya 7.46
  pāiluṅ—got    Madhya 6.27, Madhya 15.152
  pāiluṅ—I got    Antya 4.197, Antya 14.37
  pāiluṅ—I have got.    Antya 9.135
  kṛṣṇa pāiluṅ daraśana—we have seen Lord Kṛṣṇa directly.    Madhya 18.96
  nā pāiluṅ—I did not feel    Antya 4.125
  pāiluṅ caitanya—I have gotten Lord Caitanya.    Antya 12.101

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