Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pahi

  pāhi—please protect    SB 3.13.29, SB 8.16.15, Madhya 9.13
  pāhi—just take care of    SB 1.9.17
  pāhi—protect    SB 3.20.26
  pāhi—kindly save    SB 6.14.26
  pāhi—just protect    SB 7.8.41
  pāhi—just maintain    SB 9.11.29
  pāhi—may You become the King of Vraja and maintain all its inhabitants    SB 10.5.12
  pāhi—please maintain    Madhya 7.96
  pāhi pāhi—protect, protect    SB 1.8.9, SB 1.8.9

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