Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: padmam

  padmam—lotus flower    SB 2.8.8, SB 3.8.15
  padmam—lotus    SB 3.10.5, SB 3.28.25
  padmam—the lotus shelter    SB 3.8.5
  padmam—a lotus    SB 3.20.16
  padmam—lotus feet    SB 4.8.20
  padmam—a lotus flower    SB 8.8.16
  padmam—by the name Padma    SB 2.10.47
  padmam—Padma    SB 3.11.36
  pada-padmam—lotus feet    SB 1.15.17, SB 3.20.36, SB 4.6.38, SB 4.8.19, SB 4.9.17
  kama-dugha-anghri-padmam—the lotus feet of the Lord, which can award all desired fruits    SB 3.8.26
  pragrhita-anghri-padmam—his lotus feet having been taken shelter of.    SB 4.6.5
  pada-padmam—the lotus feet    SB 8.22.10
  tat-pada-padmam—Lord Nrsimhadeva’s lotus feet    SB 7.9.6
  yat-pada-padmam—the lotus feet of whom    SB 4.4.15

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