Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: padaih

  padaiḥ—aphorism    Bg 13.5
  padaiḥ—by the feet    SB 1.8.39
  padaiḥ—the marks on the sole of the foot    SB 1.14.21
  padaiḥ—by the soles of the feet    SB 1.16.32-33
  padaiḥ—by the touch of the lotus feet    SB 8.18.31
  padaiḥ—with words    Antya 1.186
  pādaiḥ—by three legs    SB 1.16.20
  pādaiḥ—by the legs    SB 1.16.25
  pādaiḥ—of three legs    SB 1.17.7
  kala-padaiḥ—by chosen words    SB 1.8.44
  kala-padaiḥ—having sweet tones    Madhya 24.207
  kvacit pādaiḥ—sometimes with the legs    SB 10.11.39-40
  nāma-padaiḥ—by the syllables of the holy name    SB 6.2.11

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