Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: paba

  pāba—I shall get    Madhya 2.60, Madhya 3.183
  pāba—shall get    Madhya 3.86, Madhya 3.169
  pāba—will get    Madhya 3.195, Antya 5.58
  pāba—shall I get    Madhya 1.86
  pāba—shall get.    Madhya 15.230
  pāba—shall we get.    Madhya 18.216
  pāba—we shall get    Madhya 25.43
  duḥkha pāba—I will suffer unhappiness    Madhya 25.10
  kanyā pāba—I shall get the daughter    Madhya 5.89
  pāba daraśana—I shall visit the temple.    Madhya 11.35

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