Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: no

  no—not    SB 3.25.38, SB 5.6.17, SB 5.24.19, SB 5.24.24, SB 6.3.29, SB 6.13.11, SB 6.17.12, SB 7.13.37, SB 7.15.28, SB 9.17.14 (and more...)
  no—nor    Bg 17.28, Madhya 22.162
  no—do not    SB 2.3.21
  no—otherwise    SB 7.12.5
  no bhavet bandhaḥ—freedom from all material bondage    SB 10.10.41
  no cet—if not    Antya 4.64
  no eva—not certainly    SB 5.10.6
  no jahāti—did not leave    SB 5.12.15
  no janāḥ—not ordinary persons.    SB 10.8.15

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