Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: niriksana

  niriksana—observing    Madhya 3.142, Madhya 4.39
  niriksana—looking upon    SB 1.9.40
  cakita-niriksana—having wandering eyes    SB 5.8.4
  kare niriksana—sees carefully    Madhya 12.171
  loka-niriksana-artham—just to study the characteristics of the people of this world    SB 5.10.20
  mukha-niriksana-adina—by seeing the faces (when a man sees the beautiful face of a woman and the woman sees the strong build of the manís body, they always desire one another)    SB 5.14.31
  niriksana-ananam—face looking in that mode    SB 1.11.8

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