Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nirgunah

  nirguṇaḥ—transcendental to all material qualities    Madhya 20.313
  nirguṇaḥ—transcendental to the material modes of nature    SB 3.26.3
  nirguṇaḥ—beyond the material modes    SB 3.32.34-36
  nirguṇaḥ—uncontaminated    SB 4.11.17
  nirguṇaḥ—without material qualifications    SB 4.20.7
  nirguṇaḥ—although transcendental    SB 4.29.23-25
  nirguṇaḥ—without material qualities    SB 7.1.6
  nirguṇaḥ—the transcendental Lord    SB 7.9.51

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