Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nila

  nila—took    Madhya 1.119, Madhya 1.216, Madhya 2.37, Madhya 3.40, Madhya 4.199, Madhya 5.120, Madhya 5.121, Madhya 6.31, Madhya 6.251, Madhya 9.203 (and more...)
  nila—bluish    SB 2.2.11, SB 4.25.31, SB 4.26.23, SB 8.12.20
  nila—brought    Madhya 6.8, Madhya 9.53, Madhya 19.44, Antya 15.68
  nila—took away.    Adi 17.233, Madhya 5.15, Madhya 8.102
  nila—blue    SB 4.24.21, Madhya 9.156
  nila—took.    Madhya 9.208, Madhya 16.198
  nila—he took.    Antya 4.210, Antya 6.323
  nila—dark    SB 3.20.31
  nila—blackish-blue    SB 3.21.9
  nila—sapphires    SB 4.25.15
  nila—Nila    SB 9.10.16
  nila—by the monkey named Nila    SB 9.10.19
  nila—named nila    Adi 5.27-28
  nila—He took.    Madhya 9.209
  nila—I accepted    Antya 6.280
  nila—took    Antya 16.38
  banti nila—shared among themselves    Madhya 14.68
  dunhe sange nila—took both of them with them.    Madhya 11.179
  eka-patra nila—took one page written on a palm leaf    Antya 1.96
  indra-nila—the gem known as indranila    Antya 19.41
  kadi nila—took it away    Antya 19.48
  muluka nila—took charge of the country    Antya 6.18
  magi nila—obtained by begging.    Madhya 12.73
  nila-abja—bluish lotus flowers    Antya 18.94
  nila-abje—the bluish lotus flowers    Antya 18.94
  nila-alaka—bluish curls    SB 4.7.20
  nila-lohitah—mixture of blue and red.    SB 3.12.7
  nila-lohitah—Rudra, whose color is mixed blue and red    SB 3.12.15
  nila-utpala—blue lotus    SB 3.28.13
  nila-utpala—blue lotus flowers    SB 5.24.10
  nila-utpala—and the bluish lotus flower    Madhya 2.33
  nila-vasah—covered with blue garments    SB 5.25.7
  nila-adayah—the mountains headed by Nila    SB 5.16.9
  nila-gana-sange—in the association of His personal assistants    Madhya 11.126
  nila-ghare—to His home    Antya 6.147
  nila-kanya—my own daughter    Madhya 5.32
  nila mula—have purchased.    Antya 9.130
  na nila—did not accept    Madhya 10.108
  nahi nila—he did not accept    Madhya 20.76
  sange kari nila—took with Him.    Madhya 17.20
  surendra-nila-dyutih—Krsna, whose bodily luster is like the jewel called indranila    Antya 19.35
  ujjvala-nila-mani—Ujjvala-nilamani    Antya 4.224
  a-nila-nisadha-ayatau—on the northern side up to the mountain known as Nila and on the southern side up to the mountain known as Nisadha    SB 5.16.10
  ajna nila—took permission    Madhya 14.6

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