Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nikate

  nikate—nearby    SB 8.8.24, Adi 17.286, Madhya 11.73, Madhya 11.158, Madhya 14.236, Madhya 25.66, Antya 3.39, Antya 6.48, Antya 6.50
  nikate—near    Adi 10.96, Madhya 10.61, Madhya 16.43, Antya 7.6, Antya 14.96
  nikate—at his shelter    Adi 10.157
  nikate—by His side    Madhya 11.81
  nikate—near the Tentuli-tala, or Amli-tala    Madhya 18.77
  nikate—near Him    Madhya 19.55
  nikate—very near    Antya 1.11
  mandira-nikate—near the temple    Madhya 11.165, Antya 4.8, Antya 4.8
  prabhura nikate—in the shelter of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 10.183, Madhya 12.7
  sri-murti-nikate—by the side of the Deity    Adi 5.168
  krsna-caitanya-nikate—at the place of Sri Krsna Caitanya    Madhya 10.133
  mathura-nikate—near Mathura    Madhya 17.155
  naihati-nikate—near the village Naihati    Adi 5.181
  nikate bolaila—called nearby    Antya 6.138
  nikate asile—when the hero comes nearby    Madhya 14.144
  nikate asiyacha—have come near    Madhya 19.240
  prabhura nikate—near Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 2.39
  tomara nikate—with you    Madhya 9.172
  tanra nikate—near him    Antya 2.29
  tara nikate—near him    Madhya 24.236
  vrksa-nikate—near the tree    Madhya 18.160
  amara nikate—nearby My place    Madhya 11.175
  apana-nikate—by His own side    Madhya 11.132

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