Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nica

  nīca—lowborn    Adi 8.83, Madhya 11.45, Madhya 24.17, Madhya 24.203, Antya 4.75, Antya 5.84, Antya 11.36
  nīca—lower    Adi 17.26
  nīca—lower class    Adi 17.211
  nīca—abominable    Madhya 1.189
  nīca—fallen    Madhya 5.67
  nīca—most fallen    Madhya 11.188
  nīca—low    Madhya 20.351
  nīca-jāti—belong to a lower caste    Madhya 24.325, Antya 16.18
  nīca jāti—born of a low family    Madhya 20.99
  nīca-gā eva—more inclined to the poor and fallen    Adi 16.1
  nīca-jātīn—the lower class of men    Madhya 11.47
  nīca-jāti—classified among the fallen    Madhya 1.189
  nīca-jāti—low caste    Madhya 11.165
  nīca-jāti—lower class    Madhya 23.120
  nīca-jāti—of a lower caste    Antya 4.6
  nīca-jāti—of a low caste    Antya 4.20
  nīca-jāti—a lowborn person    Antya 4.66
  nīca-jāti—lowborn    Antya 4.152
  nīca-jāti—coming from a family of a very low caste    Antya 16.23
  nīca-jāti—belonging to a lower caste    Antya 16.29
  nīca-saṅgī—associated with fallen souls    Madhya 1.189
  nīca-saṅgī—associated with low men    Madhya 20.99
  nīca-sevanam—the service of low persons (the vaiśyas and śūdras)    SB 7.11.18-20
  nīca-sevī—servant of lowborn people    Madhya 23.120
  nīca-sevā—service to degraded persons    Madhya 1.193
  nīca-vaṁśe—in a low family    Antya 4.28
  nīca-vat—like a lowborn man    SB 3.17.27
  nīca-vat—like the most abominable low-class person.    SB 6.2.28
  nīca-ācāra—having very abominable behavior    Madhya 20.351

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