Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: netra

  netra—the eyes    Adi 4.85, Adi 4.154, Madhya 12.215, Madhya 13.116, Madhya 16.120, Madhya 16.259, Madhya 21.129, Madhya 25.127, Antya 17.59, Antya 19.94
  netra—eyes    Adi 4.151, Adi 6.38, Madhya 2.37, Madhya 10.122, Madhya 10.179, Madhya 12.211, Antya 13.127, Antya 15.65
  netra—eyes.    Madhya 2.53
  netra—of the eyes    Madhya 14.187
  netra-mana—eyes and mind.    Madhya 6.145-146, Antya 15.60
  netra-mana—the eyes and mind.    Antya 15.56, Antya 15.64
  arka-netra—eyes shining like the sun    SB 7.9.15
  jana-netra-rasa-āyana—very pleasing to the eyes of everyone    Madhya 21.131
  manaḥ-netra-utsava—festival of the mind and eyes    Madhya 2.75
  netra bhari—filling the eyes    Madhya 21.114
  netra bhariyā—to the full satisfaction of Your eyes    Antya 16.84
  netra-añcalam—whose borders of the eyes    Antya 1.166
  netra-anta—the end of the eye    Madhya 21.105
  netra-bhṛṅga—eyes like bumblebees    Madhya 12.214
  netra-gocaram—visible by her eyes    SB 8.17.5
  netra-jaiḥ—from the eyes    SB 4.9.50
  netra-jaiḥ—coming from His eyes    SB 9.10.39-40
  netra-jala—tears from the eyes.    Madhya 13.49
  netra-jale—by the tears of His eyes    Antya 6.292
  netra-jalāḥ—tears from the eyes    Madhya 23.23
  netra-karṇa—of eyes and ears    Antya 18.99
  netra-mana—mind and eyes    Antya 19.48
  netra-spṛhām—the desire of the eyes.    Antya 15.63
  netra-trayam—three eyes    SB 8.7.30
  netra-udaiḥ—by the water from his eyes    SB 3.22.25
  netra-utsava—the festival of seeing the eyes    Madhya 12.204
  netra-yugale—on the two eyes    Madhya 8.173
  netra-ānanda—the pleasure of My eyes.    Madhya 2.75
  nija-netra—his eyes    Antya 11.53
  rakta-netra—reddish eyes    Madhya 24.235
  sva-netra—by your eyes    SB 8.7.32
  tri-netra—of Lord Śiva (who has three eyes)    SB 4.4.4

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