Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nayana

  nayana—eyes    SB 3.15.45, SB 3.28.16, SB 5.2.5, SB 5.25.5, SB 7.9.36, Adi 4.250, Adi 5.165, Madhya 2.29, Madhya 21.131
  nayana—the eyes.    Madhya 3.142, Madhya 14.36, Madhya 15.91
  nayana—of the eyes    SB 3.16.27, SB 3.28.26
  nayana—eyes.    Adi 4.242-243, Madhya 21.68
  nayana—my eyes.    Madhya 10.18, Antya 15.61
  nayana—of his eyes    SB 4.9.44
  nayana—for the eyes    SB 5.2.6
  nayana—with eyes    SB 5.5.31
  nayana—of the two eyes    Adi 4.196
  nayana—our eyes.    Adi 7.104
  nayana—by whose beautiful eyes    Antya 1.165
  nayana—your eyes.    Antya 3.33
  nayana—the eyes    Antya 18.86
  nayana—from the eyes.    Antya 20.40
  nayana—eyes    Antya 14.68
  bharila nayana—eyes become filled.    Madhya 15.57
  dvi-nayana—two eyes    Madhya 21.134
  he nayana-abhirama—O most beautiful to My eyes    Madhya 2.65
  kamala-nayana—of the name Kamala-nayana    Adi 10.111
  kamala-nayana—lotus-eyed    Madhya 5.137
  kamala-nayana—the lotus eyes.    Madhya 8.270
  kamala-nayana—the lotus-eyed Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 11.35
  kamala-nayana—lotus eyes.    Madhya 12.58
  kamala-nayana—eyes like the petals of a lotus flower    Madhya 17.108
  kamala-nayana—eyes like lotus flowers    Adi 5.185
  manah-nayana—mind and eyes    Madhya 6.145-146
  manah-nayana—to the mind and eyes    Antya 17.51
  manah-nayana-amrtam—nectar for the mind and eyes    Madhya 2.74
  manah-nayana-vardhanam—very pleasing to the eyes and the mind.    SB 4.8.49
  manah-nayana-anandana—pleasing to the mind and eyes    SB 5.3.2
  misra-nayana—of the name Nayana Misra    Adi 12.81
  nalina-nayana—of the lotus-eyed Lord    Madhya 23.65
  nayana bhariya—to the fulfillment of the eyes    Madhya 12.21
  nayana-abhiramam—very pleasing to the eyes    SB 3.2.20
  nayana-abjayoh—from the lotuslike eyes.    SB 1.14.23
  nayana-amburuham—the lotus eyes    SB 3.9.25
  nayana-bhange—by activities of the eyes    Madhya 8.194
  nayana-cakora—eyes that are like cakora birds.    Antya 19.36
  nayana-hrdaya—the eyes and mind    Madhya 13.117
  nayana-mulam—face to face    SB 3.15.46
  nayana-yugala—two eyes    Madhya 12.212
  nayana-yugala—a pair of eyes.    Madhya 13.168
  nayana-yugam—the pair of eyes    Madhya 14.189
  radha-asya-nayana—the face and eyes of Srimati Radharani    Madhya 14.179
  sa-bhaya-nayana—just now sitting there with fearful eyes    SB 10.8.31
  sahasra-nayana—thousands of eyes    Adi 5.100-101
  tri-nayana—O maintainer and seer of the three worlds    SB 6.9.40
  uttana-nayana—with open eyes    Antya 18.54

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