Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: naukate

  naukāte—on the boat    Madhya 16.160, Madhya 18.106, Antya 1.18
  naukāte—on a boat    Madhya 18.104
  naukāte—a boat    Madhya 19.77
  naukāte—in a boat    Madhya 19.242
  naukāte bhariyā—filling boats    Madhya 19.6
  naukāte caḍiñā—on board a boat    Madhya 3.30
  naukāte caḍilā—got on a boat    Madhya 16.142
  naukāte caḍiyā—getting on the boat    Madhya 16.122
  naukāte caḍiyā—getting aboard a boat    Antya 10.42
  naukāte vasāñā—making to sit down on the boat    Madhya 19.113

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