Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: natha

  natha—O Lord    SB 1.11.6, SB 1.11.10, SB 2.9.26, SB 4.7.43, SB 4.9.10, SB 4.21.50, SB 4.30.31, SB 5.3.8, SB 7.8.42, Adi 3.111 (and more...)
  natha—O master    SB 1.9.17, SB 4.20.24, SB 7.5.49, SB 7.8.55, SB 8.6.13, Madhya 4.197, Antya 8.34
  natha—O my Lord    SB 3.9.5, SB 3.9.11, SB 3.33.4, SB 4.9.8, SB 6.11.27
  natha—O protector    SB 1.8.10, SB 9.10.26
  natha—Lords.    Adi 1.19, Antya 11.9
  natha—O husband    SB 7.2.29-31
  natha—My Lord    Adi 6.71
  natha—the master    Madhya 2.70
  mathura-natha—the master of Mathura    Madhya 4.197, Antya 8.34
  mora prana-natha—the Lord of My life.    Antya 20.48, Antya 20.51
  sa-natha—with a fitting master    Madhya 1.206, Madhya 8.73
  akhila-loka-natha—the Lord of the universe    SB 2.7.15
  gadadhara-prana-natha—the Lord of the life of Gadadhara    Antya 7.163
  gaudiyara natha—worshipable by all the Gaudiya Vaisnavas.    Antya 20.142-143
  haridasa-natha—the master of Haridasa Thakura    Antya 11.3
  he natha—O My Lord    Madhya 2.65
  kaivalya-natha—to the bestower of liberation    SB 4.30.2
  laksmi-natha—the husband of the goddess of fortune    SB 6.9.33
  laksmi-natha—personally the husband of the goddess of fortune    Adi 13.119
  loka-eka-natha—the only proprietor of all the planetary systems    SB 6.9.33
  mora prana-natha—my life and soul    Madhya 15.100
  nara-natha—O King    SB 4.26.17
  parana-natha—Lord of My life    Madhya 1.55
  parana-natha—the master of My life    Madhya 13.113
  praja-natha—O king of population    SB 6.4.44
  pramatha-natha—the lord of the ghosts (Mahabhairava)    SB 1.15.9
  prana-natha—O Lord of My life (husband)    Adi 17.303
  prana-natha—Lord of the life    Madhya 2.15
  prana-natha—O My Lord, master of My life    Madhya 13.138
  prana-natha—My life and soul    Antya 12.5
  prana-natha—Lord of life    Antya 16.81
  prana-natha—the Lord of My heart    Antya 16.83
  prana-natha—life and soul    Antya 19.50
  raghu-natha—of Lord Ramacandra    Antya 4.30
  raghu-natha dekhi—after seeing Lord Ramacandra, the descendant of Maharaja Raghu    Madhya 9.18
  ranga-natha—the Ranganatha temple    Madhya 9.80
  rati-natha—of Cupid    Madhya 14.194
  sva-sva-natha-sane—with their own predominating deities.    Madhya 21.17
  svarupa-prana-natha—the master of the life of Svarupa Damodara.    Antya 11.3
  vikuntha-natha—O Lord of Vaikuntha, where there is no anxiety    SB 7.9.39
  vrndavana-natha—the Supreme Lord of Vrndavana    Antya 14.37

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