Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nasta

  nasta—lost    Bg 16.9, SB 3.17.6, SB 3.31.15, SB 5.26.9, SB 5.26.23, SB 6.1.49, SB 6.14.61, SB 8.19.40
  nasta—destroyed    SB 1.2.18, Madhya 24.181
  nasta—abolished    SB 1.18.44
  nasta—having disappeared    SB 3.19.19
  nasta—devoid of    SB 7.15.72
  nasta—spoiled    Adi 12.15
  nasta—lost    SB 9.14.29
  nasta haya—becomes destroyed    Madhya 15.173
  nasta kaila—spoiled    Adi 17.210
  nasta-caksusah—those who have lost their vision.    SB 3.7.40
  nasta-saucah—cleanliness being abandoned    SB 4.2.29
  nasta-saucaya—being devoid of all cleanliness    SB 4.2.16
  nasta-srih—bereft of all beauty    SB 4.28.6
  nasta-sriyam—unto Bali Maharaja, who had lost his bodily luster    SB 8.21.28
  nasta-dravinah—who has lost his riches    SB 5.8.15
  nasta-drsam—one who is already bereft of his transcendental sight    SB 5.5.15
  nasta-drsam—of persons who have lost their sight    SB 1.3.43
  nasta-drsam—of persons who have lost their spiritual vision    Madhya 24.321
  nasta-drstinam—who have lost their goal of life    SB 4.21.51
  nasta-drstih—who have lost sight    SB 5.5.16
  nasta-kustham—cured the leprosy    Madhya 7.1
  nasta-prajnah—bereft of all intelligence    SB
  nasta-prajnah—bereft of intelligence    SB 4.28.6
  nasta-samah—without life    SB 10.12.15
  nasta-sat-acarah—who lost all brahminical qualities    SB 6.1.21
  nasta-smrtih—bereft of all intelligence    SB 4.28.27
  nasta-smrtih—having gotten rid of the memory of seeing the universal form within Krsna’s mouth    SB 10.8.44
  nasta-vat—as lost    SB 3.27.15
  nasta-vittah—one who has lost his fortune    SB 3.27.15
  vidvesa-nasta-matayah—whose intelligence was lost in envy    SB 6.14.43

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