Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: narikela

  nārikela—coconut    Adi 13.110, Adi 14.46, Madhya 15.70, Antya 18.104
  nārikela—coconuts    Adi 14.47, Madhya 15.85
  nārikela—a preparation of coconut    Madhya 3.50
  nārikela—dried coconut    Madhya 14.26
  miṣṭa nārikela—sweet coconut.    Madhya 15.71
  mukuta nārikela—a very hard sweet preparation of coconut    Antya 10.125-126
  nārikela-śasya—the pulp of coconut    Madhya 3.48
  nārikela-śasya—pulp of green coconut    Antya 1.29
  nārikela-jala—water of the coconut    Madhya 15.75
  nārikela-khaṇḍa nāḍu—sweetmeat balls made with coconut powder    Antya 10.25
  nārikela-pulī—coconut cake    Madhya 15.215
  nārikela-vana—coconut grove    Madhya 13.194

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