Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nana

  nana—various    SB 1.9.28, SB 1.13.52, SB 1.15.1, SB 2.1.37, SB 2.9.27, SB 2.10.5, SB 2.10.24, SB 3.1.23, SB 3.8.5, SB 3.9.10 (and more...)
  nana—varieties    Adi 5.37, Adi 7.126, Adi 13.104, Adi 13.105, Adi 13.108, Adi 13.112, Madhya 6.198
  nana—many    Bg 1.9, Adi 2.62, Antya 10.33
  nana—varieties of    SB 6.1.6, SB 9.6.45-46, Antya 15.72
  nana—multifarious    SB 1.3.5, SB 3.12.48
  nana—differently    SB 3.28.43, SB 3.32.33
  nana—variously    SB 4.9.7, SB 5.25.9
  nana—variegated    Bg 11.5
  nana—many others    SB 1.19.11
  nana—various kinds    SB 4.5.13
  nana—different kinds    SB 4.6.10
  nana—with various    SB 8.2.2-3
  nana—with varieties of    SB 8.2.7
  nana—many varieties    SB 10.2.28
  nana—in various    Adi 16.7
  nana—maternal grandfather    Adi 17.149
  nana-rupe—in various ways    Adi 5.23, Madhya 2.27, Madhya 4.17
  nana vyanjana—varieties of vegetables    Antya 2.59, Antya 3.32
  nana-bhavera—of various ecstasies    Madhya 14.191, Antya 17.49
  nana-mate—in various ways    Antya 13.3, Antya 20.114
  kari nana upaya—devising many means    Antya 19.54
  kariha nana dharme-karme vyaya—spend in various types of religious and fruitive activities.    Antya 9.143
  nana artha kaya—there are varieties of imports.    Madhya 24.318
  nana asat-pathe—in various sinful activities    Antya 9.88
  nana bhaksya—varieties of eatables    Antya 18.106
  nana bhati—of many different qualities    Antya 18.104
  nana bhava—all kinds of feminine postures    Antya 3.245
  nana bhave—in various modes    Madhya 8.270
  nana saka—many kinds of spinach.    Madhya 17.62-63
  nana sastra—different types of scriptures    Madhya 1.33
  nana sastre pandita—scholars learned in various scriptures    Madhya 25.19
  nana darpam—proud due to wealth, opulence and strength    SB 7.8.45
  nana dravya—various kinds of things    Madhya 4.99
  nana dravya—varieties of things    Antya 12.63
  nana iva—like different entities    SB 1.2.32
  nana iva—like many varieties    SB 7.9.30
  nana iva—as if in different varieties    SB 9.18.49
  nana jana—various persons    Madhya 21.122
  nana lila—many pastimes    Antya 6.325
  nana mate—in various ways    Antya 7.90
  nana prasada—varieties of prasada    Antya 6.324
  nana range—in great jubilation    Madhya 12.71
  nana seva kari—serving in various ways    Antya 13.95
  nana tirtha—many holy places    Madhya 9.310
  nana upaya—various sorts of devices.    Madhya 16.6
  nana vyanjana—various vegetables    Antya 12.135
  nana yatna-dainye—in this way, by various efforts and by humility    Madhya 3.92
  nana yatra—many festivals    Madhya 15.16
  nana-artha—different imports    Madhya 24.59
  nana-bhangite—by various ways    Antya 5.82
  nana-bhakta-bhave—various emotions of a devotee    Adi 6.110
  nana-bhaktera—of various types of devotees    Madhya 8.141
  nana-bhava—of various ecstasies    Madhya 14.186
  nana-bhava—various postures    Antya 3.238
  nana-bhava—all kinds of emotion    Antya 20.5
  nana-bhava-alankrta-angah—having many ecstatic symptoms manifested in His transcendental body    Madhya 11.1
  nana-bhava-udgara—all the symptoms and transformations of ecstasy    Antya 5.40
  nana-bhave—in various ways    Madhya 13.84
  nana-bhave—in varieties of ecstatic love    Madhya 14.159
  nana-bhave—by various ecstasies    Antya 9.5
  nana-bhave—in varieties of emotions    Antya 17.8
  nana-bhavera—of different emotional ecstasies    Madhya 25.244
  nana-bhavera bhakta-jana—devotees relishing relationships with Krsna in different ecstasies    Madhya 25.274
  nana-bhavan—multifarious situations    Bg 18.21
  nana-saktibhih—with varieties of potencies    SB 8.7.24
  nana-chale—under different excuses    Adi 14.36
  nana-chale—under different pleas    Madhya 8.213
  nana-sastra—different types of revealed scripture    Antya 4.218
  nana-desa—different countries    Madhya 9.89
  nana-desera—of various countries    Madhya 13.199
  nana-desera—of different provinces    Antya 2.9
  nana-dhane—all kinds of riches.    Madhya 14.133
  nana-dhatu-vicitritaih—decorated with various minerals    SB 4.6.10
  nana-dravye—with all kinds of food grains    Madhya 16.152
  nana-gati—of varied destinations    SB 5.19.20
  nana-grama—various villages    Antya 6.91
  nana-grama haite—from various villages    Madhya 3.157
  nana-jati—of many varieties    Antya 18.104
  nana-karma—varieties of service    SB 3.9.34
  nana-katha-range—in the happiness of discussing various subject matters    Antya 4.104
  nana-lilaya—in various pastimes    Antya 12.65
  nana-mani-pravara—of valuable gems    SB 5.24.9
  nana-mata—by various philosophies    Madhya 9.1
  nana-mata—various kinds of    Madhya 14.134
  nana-mata—various types    Antya 6.72
  nana-mati—different vision    SB 3.5.23
  nana-namanah—having various names    SB 5.21.18
  nana-pataka—possessing various kinds of flags    SB 8.15.20
  nana-prakara—varieties of    Madhya 14.34
  nana-prakara—various types    Madhya 14.141
  nana-prakara pitha—various types of cake    Antya 6.110
  nana-prakare—in various ways    Antya 9.61
  nana-puspa-udyane—in the various flower gardens    Madhya 14.121
  nana-range—in different ways.    Adi 10.122
  nana-range—in great jubilation    Madhya 14.241
  nana-range—various pleasing activities.    Madhya 25.223
  nana-range—in varieties of transcendental pleasure.    Antya 6.3
  nana-rasa-kupya-bhajanam—utensils made of various metals    SB 10.7.7
  nana-rasah—various tastes    SB 2.10.18
  nana-roga-grasta—affected by so many diseases    Antya 20.94
  nana-sankalpa-siddhisu—where one becomes perfect in all kinds of mystic power    SB 6.17.2-3
  nana-sthane—in various quarters    Antya 7.59
  nana-sukhe—in great happiness    Madhya 17.82
  nana-udyane—in various gardens    Madhya 14.75
  nana-upacara—by varieties of offerings    Madhya 8.69
  nana-vese—in different dresses    Antya 9.9
  nana-viryah—every element is full of different energies    SB 10.3.15-17
  nana-vidha—different varieties    Madhya 8.141
  nana-vidha—various kinds of    Madhya 14.26
  nana-vidhan—many varieties    SB 3.22.38
  nana-vidhani—variegated    Bg 11.5
  nana-vada—jugglery of philosophy    Madhya 6.107
  nana-vadya—all kinds of musical parties    Madhya 14.110
  nana-vadya—varieties of musical parties    Madhya 14.129
  nana-vaha—with varieties of carriers    SB 8.10.26
  nana-yonisu—in various forms of life    SB 7.13.24
  nana-yonisu—in different species of life    SB 8.22.25
  nana-yagesu—various kinds of sacrifice    SB 5.7.6
  nana-agaresu—in different compartments    SB 3.3.8
  nana-akara—different    Madhya 9.155
  prakara yara nana—of different varieties.    Antya 10.109
  atta-nana-tanoh—who accepts various forms    SB 3.31.12

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