Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nahika

  nahika—there is not    Adi 4.190, Adi 5.18, Adi 5.95, Adi 5.115, Adi 5.226, Adi 7.72, Adi 12.78, Adi 16.13, Adi 17.25, Adi 17.165 (and more...)
  nahika—there is none    Adi 7.110, Adi 9.24, Adi 17.163
  nahika—there was no    Adi 12.22, Madhya 3.128, Antya 18.43
  nahika—is not    Madhya 11.189, Madhya 24.316, Antya 14.77
  nahika—not    Adi 4.174, Madhya 5.44
  nahika—no    Adi 5.52
  nahika—there was none    Adi 10.45
  nahika—there's not    Antya 15.54
  nahika ganana—there is no counting    Madhya 17.188, Madhya 20.382, Madhya 20.404, Madhya 25.174
  nahika anyatha—it is certain.    Antya 15.45
  nahika cetana—there was no consciousness    Madhya 16.154
  nahika etha—is not present here    Madhya 15.57
  nahika ganana—there is no possibility of counting    Madhya 20.248
  nahika ganana—there is no estimation    Madhya 21.30
  nahika ganane—there is no counting.    Madhya 21.3
  nahika nirnaya—there is no certainty    Antya 8.39
  nahika nistara—there is no deliverance    Antya 4.139
  nahika niyame—there are no hard-and-fast rules.    Madhya 13.200
  nahika paryanta—there is no limit    Madhya 20.324
  nahika samsaya—there is no doubt    Madhya 18.95
  nahika sthana—there was no place    Madhya 20.285
  nahika vibheda—there is no distinction.    Antya 5.122
  nahika viccheda—there is no separation.    Adi 6.10
  nahika visvasa—there is no faith.    Antya 5.117
  nahika vicara—there is no consideration    Antya 5.103
  tara nahika ganana—there is no possibility of counting them.    Madhya 20.277

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