Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nagara

  nāgara—O lover    Antya 16.121-122, Antya 17.34
  nagara—of the city    Adi 17.133
  nāgara—the leader    Adi 7.8
  nāgara—the hero.    Antya 17.60
  gandharva-nagara—phantasmagoria    SB 4.12.15
  gandharva-nagara-prakhyāḥ—headed by the illusory sight of a gandharva-nagara, a big palace within the forest    SB 6.15.21-23
  kuliyā nagara—the city of Kuliyā    Madhya 1.156
  nadīyā-nagara—Navadvīpa (Nadia).    Madhya 25.167
  nāgara-rāja—the most attractive person    Madhya 2.19

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