Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: nabhah

  nabhah—the sky    Bg 1.19, SB 2.5.25, SB 2.6.36, SB 3.5.33, SB 3.5.37, SB 3.29.43, SB 4.3.12, SB 5.26.40, SB 7.2.43, SB 8.7.27 (and more...)
  nabhah—the sky.    SB 2.9.13, SB 7.4.16
  nabhah—ether    SB 3.26.12, SB 3.26.32
  nabhah—sky    SB 1.18.23
  nabhah—the small quantity of air    SB 3.15.33
  nabhah—in the skies    SB 6.4.19
  nabhah—like the sky    SB 6.12.27-29
  nabhah—to the sky    SB 6.13.14
  nabhah—toward the sky    SB 7.3.2
  nabhah—the whole sky    SB 8.20.24
  nabhah—in the sky    SB 9.4.51
  nabhah—Nabha    SB 9.12.1
  nabhah—by the name Nabha    SB 9.9.16-17
  abja-nabhah—Lord Visnu    SB 3.21.22
  abja-nabhah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, from whose navel sprouts a lotus flower    SB 8.4.13
  aravinda-nabhah—with a lotus growing from His navel    SB 3.15.37
  kanja-nabhah—the Personality of Godhead Narayana    SB 3.9.44
  nabhah sprsam—touching the sky    Bg 11.24
  nabhah-chadih—all-pervading like the sky.    SB 7.14.13
  nabhah-gatah—went up to the top of the sky    SB 10.7.26
  nabhah-ghanaih—by the dense clouds.    SB 6.10.24
  nabhah-guna-visesah—the distinctive characteristic of sky (sound)    SB 3.26.47
  nabhah-gunatvam—identification of ether    SB 2.2.29
  nabhah-lingam—personified by sound    SB 1.6.25
  nabhah-mandalam—outer space, between the upper and lower world    SB 5.22.7
  nabhah-sthah—in the sky.    SB 3.23.38
  nabhah-valayasya—of outer space    SB 5.22.5
  nabhah-vithyam—in outer space    SB 5.22.6

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