Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: murcchita

  murcchita—unconscious    Adi 12.22, Madhya 2.72, Madhya 6.16, Madhya 9.56, Madhya 17.219, Antya 19.87
  murcchita—senseless    Madhya 1.98
  murcchita—fainted    Madhya 7.70
  murcchita—unconsciousness    Madhya 7.139
  murcchita—fainted    Adi 14.45
  murcchita hana—fainting    Madhya 16.142, Madhya 19.242
  hayena murcchita—becomes unconscious    Madhya 18.170
  murcchita ha-ila—became unconscious.    Madhya 18.72
  murcchita ha-iya—fainting    Adi 5.197
  murcchita hana—becoming unconscious    Madhya 7.92
  murcchita hana—fainting.    Madhya 25.184

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