Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mugdha

  mugdha—struck with wonder    SB 3.2.28
  mugdha—thus being enchanted    SB 10.8.22
  mugdhā—captivated    Madhya 14.149
  mugdhā—the captivated    Madhya 14.149
  mugdha-antarābhiḥ—by those whose hearts are enchanted    Madhya 1.84
  mugdha-bhāvena—by the childish behavior of the deer    SB 5.8.13
  mugdha-bhāvena—as if without knowledge    SB 9.3.4
  mugdha-smita-alpa-daśanam—smiling with little teeth coming out of Their mouths (they were more and more attracted)    SB 10.8.23
  mugdha-smitam—with charming smiling    SB 6.14.58
  māyā-mugdha—enchanted by the illusory energy    Madhya 20.122

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