Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mudra

  mudra—coins    Adi 13.113, Madhya 19.9, Antya 3.191, Antya 6.151
  mudra—golden coins    Madhya 20.8, Madhya 20.14, Madhya 20.39
  mudra—symptoms    Madhya 23.39, Madhya 23.40
  mudra—seal    Adi 7.20-21
  mudra—the symptoms    Antya 19.105
  cari-sata mudra—four hundred coins    Antya 6.259, Antya 6.267
  bhava-mudra—characteristics and ecstatic love    Antya 7.163
  sata mudra—one hundred coins    Antya 6.146
  dasa-sahasra mudra—ten thousand coins    Madhya 19.34
  eka-sata mudra—one hundred coins    Antya 6.153
  kane mudra—a kind of earring    Madhya 12.20
  mudra dekhiya—seeing the golden coins    Madhya 20.15
  padma-mudra—marked with the sign of the lotus    SB 3.24.17
  prema-mudra—characteristic of love    Antya 7.166
  rajata-mudra—gold coins    Adi 13.112

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