Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mrtyuh

  mrtyuh—death    Bg 2.27, Bg 9.19, Bg 10.34, SB 1.8.9, SB 2.2.27, SB 2.10.28, SB 3.12.25, SB 3.25.42, SB 3.26.57, SB 4.29.22 (and more...)
  mrtyuh—the controller of death, Yamaraja    SB 1.16.7
  mrtyuh—the god of death    SB 3.26.66
  mrtyuh—as death    SB 3.29.26
  mrtyuh—distress or unhappiness    SB 6.3.5
  mrtyuh—death itself    SB 8.2.33
  mrtyuh—the cause of death    SB 8.5.36
  mrtyuh—Kamsa    SB 10.1.49-50
  akutah-mrtyuh—fearing death from no one    SB 3.17.19

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