Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mohara

  mohara—coins    Madhya 20.19
  mohara—golden coins    Madhya 20.30
  mohara—the golden coins    Madhya 20.31
  mohara—gold coin    Madhya 20.35
  aṣṭa mohara—eight golden coins    Madhya 20.29
  mohara dhariyā—holding the golden coins.    Madhya 20.26
  mohara dila—she sealed    Antya 10.38
  mohara lañā—taking this gold coin    Madhya 20.35
  sei sāta mohara—these seven golden coins    Madhya 20.26
  suvarṇa mohara—golden coins    Madhya 20.27
  sāta mohara—seven gold coins    Madhya 20.24

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