Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mohah

  mohaḥ—illusion    Bg 11.1, Bg 14.13, Bg 18.73, SB 3.15.36, SB 5.5.8, SB 8.16.19, Madhya 22.88-90, Antya 14.53
  mohaḥ—moha    SB 3.20.18
  mohaḥ—infatuation    SB 3.31.35
  mohāḥ—illusion    Bg 15.5
  mohāḥ—illusion.    SB 4.29.39-40
  mohāḥ—and bewilderment    SB 9.21.13
  asam-mohaḥ—freedom from doubt    Bg 10.4-5
  bheda-mohaḥ—misconception of duality.    SB 1.9.42
  bheda-mohaḥ—whose misconception of duality.    Adi 2.21
  buddhi-mohaḥ—illusion of intelligence    SB 10.8.40
  duranta-mohaḥ—being in great illusion.    SB 7.6.11-13
  viśva-mohaḥ—the enchanter of the whole universe    Madhya 17.216
  vivṛkṇa-mohaḥ—whose illusion is completely cut to pieces    SB 5.12.16

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