Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mauna

  mauna—silence    SB-4.21.42, SB 7.9.46, Madhya 6.125, Madhya 6.129, Madhya 21.147
  mauna—silent    Adi 17.107, Madhya 18.24
  mauna—of silence    SB 5.5.29
  mauna ha-ila—became silent    Antya 2.100, Antya 3.18
  mauna dhari—becoming silent    Adi 5.151
  mauna dhari—holding silence    Madhya 5.51
  mauna dhari—keeping silent    Antya 16.129
  mauna dharila—remained silent.    Antya 1.112
  mauna dharila—became very grave    Antya 7.116
  mauna dharila—became silent.    Antya 19.23
  mauna haila—became silent.    Antya 2.121
  mauna kari—keeping silent    Antya 12.110
  mauna karila—remained silent    Antya 12.115
  mauna karila—became silent    Antya 14.55
  mauna-vratah—the vow of silence (not talking with anyone)    SB 8.4.8

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