Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: matuh

  matuh—of the mother    SB 1.18.1, SB 3.31.5, SB 4.11.28, SB 5.2.21, SB 6.11.4, SB 6.14.37, SB 9.15.9
  matuh—of His mother    SB 3.25.31, SB 3.29.6, SB 4.8.14, SB 4.9.29, SB 4.12.52, SB 10.1.10
  matuh—of my mother    SB 7.7.16, SB 10.1.5-7
  matuh—mother    SB 1.12.7
  matuh—His mother    SB 3.25.5
  matuh—from the mother    SB 4.8.24
  deva-matuh—of the mother of the demigods (Aditi)    SB 3.1.33
  matuh eva—(or does it belong) to the mother who maintained this body within her womb    SB 10.10.11
  matuh pituh va—or (does it belong) to the father of the mother (because sometimes the father of the mother takes a grandson as an adopted son)    SB 10.10.11
  matuh vani—the instructions of the mother    Madhya 22.6
  sa-matuh—of the stepmother    SB 4.8.26
  sva-matuh—of His mother    SB 3.25.12
  sva-matuh—of His own mother (Krsna’s mother, Yasodadevi)    SB 10.9.18
  tat-matuh—in the presence of His mother    SB 10.8.28

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