Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: masi

  masi—in the month    SB 4.8.76
  masi—in the month of Asvina (October    SB 7.14.19
  masi—in that month    SB 9.4.30
  masi masi—in every month    SB 5.21.4, SB 5.21.4, SB 5.21.18, SB 5.21.18
  masi masi—every month    SB 6.9.9, SB 6.9.9
  masi-bindu—a spot of ink.    Madhya 2.48
  masi-bindu—a spot of ink    Madhya 12.51
  vara-masi—throughout the whole year.    Adi 10.25

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