Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marutah

  marutah—the Maruts    Bg 11.22, SB 6.18.19, SB 6.18.66-67
  marutah—the breeze    SB 8.12.23, SB 8.15.18
  marutah—the forty-nine Maruts (demigods of the wind)    Bg 11.6
  marutah—Maruts    SB 6.18.63
  marutah—the demigods of air    SB 8.10.32-34
  marutah—the airs    SB 9.2.28
  marutah—the demigods named the Maruts    SB 9.20.35
  marutah—the demigods known as the Maruts    SB 9.20.39
  marutah—Maruta    SB 9.23.17
  marutah—wind.    Bg 2.23
  suti-marutah—the wind for childbirth.    SB 3.31.22

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