Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marga

  marga—path    SB 3.1.32
  marga—by the way of    SB 3.2.24
  marga—symmetrical    SB 4.24.23
  marga—the path    SB 4.24.52
  marga—ways    Adi 17.156
  avyakta-marga-vit—knower of that which we do not know.    SB 3.20.9
  jnana-marga—the path of philosophical speculation    Adi 17.67
  maha-marga—highways    SB 1.11.14
  marga-agra—the ultimate goal    SB 3.25.6
  marga-sirse—the month of Agrahayana (November-December)    Madhya 20.198
  marga-sirso ham—the month of November-December    Bg 10.35
  marga-dusanam—the pollution of the whole street.    SB 6.13.12-13
  rana-marga—in the tactics of war    SB 3.17.30
  raga-marga—the path of spontaneous attraction    Adi 4.15-16
  sadhu-marga—the path of transcendental devotional service    Madhya 22.115

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